Foreign language double-byte text displays incorrectly in AppStudio

Issue:  Typing or copying/pasting foreign language characters that use double-byte text (such as an Asian language character set), displays as carriage returns (or “tiny boxes”) in fields in AppStudio, as shown below.


The issue can occur intermittently in AppStudio. However, the actual text displays properly on the simulator or device. Customers have also reported seeing this behavior when pasting Japanese or Chinese characters in NotePad++, which would indicate that the characters are not being encoded and thus displayed improperly in the Windows and .Net environments.

Resolution:  This issue is being investigated to determine the root cause. When a software solution has been found, it will be communicated by this KB article and in the Verivo documentation. As a workaround, re-boot your computer, which should then display the text properly in AppStudio.

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