DataGuard does not log out application after inactivity period

Cause: This behavior causes the user to believe DataGuard is not functioning properly.

Resolution: This behavior is how DataGuard is supposed to work. It does not function like, for example, a Windows automatic logout after an inactivity/idle period. DataGuard is a security feature used in the event a device does not connect to its application server. If a device remains in contact with its application server, the app should not log out, regardless of what the DataGuard timeout (minutes) is set to. It is only when the device is no longer able to ping the server that DataGuard is triggered after the user configured time period.

A solution would be to use Custom Authentication in the Security tab of your application properties in AppStudio. The Timeout (minutes) setting under the Use Custom Authentication option will determine the duration of inactivity in minutes before a login times out. A value of 0 (default) specifies no timeout. Bear in mind, this feature will automatically expire the user’s session, but it will not automatically navigate the user back to the login screen. The user has to be actively using the app and requesting data from the server in order to be automatically brought to the login screen.

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