ScreenID not found

Cause: This error occurs when uploading without a primary key set for your entity.


  1. Resolution: To resolve this issue follow the steps below:
  2. Open AppStudio.
  3. Click the Logs icon on the AppStudio toolbar.
  4. Select the Submit button and locate the error. Note if no logs are present, adjust the search date. If no longs are showing, then check that Logging has been turned on in this environment:
    • Select the Application Properties icon(on the AppStudio tool bar).
    • Select the Server tab
    • Set the Log Level to full verbose logging.
  5. Locate the error in the AppStudio logs and note the corresponding screen.
  6. Open up the Workflow icon and locate the screen from step 4.
  7. Note the Entity that is associated with this screen in the Screen Properties.
  8. Open the Entities icon on the AppStudio toolbar.
  9. Select the entity that your screen is referencing.
  10. Click the Edit fields button.
  11. Check the box for the Entity field that represents your primary key.
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