Could not Relate User to View

Cause:  There is no view created for this screen, the view that is assigned to this screen is not a valid view that is related to the user’s workflow, or both a screen and view are not selected as a target screen and view when using controls that allow you to specify a screen and view.

Resolution: To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

  1. Note the screen the user is trying to access as well as the previous screen that the user is navigating from.
  2. Open AppStudio and select the Users icon in the toolbar.
  3. Scroll down to the applicable user and note which workflow they are assigned to.
  4. Open this workflow by pressing the small Workflow icon, and select the user’s workflow.
  5. Locate the previous screen they are navigating from by typing it in the screen search section or manually looking through the workflow for that screen name. Note this screen name can also be found in the logs (small icon at the top) by selecting Submit and seeing the last screen before the “Could not relate user to View error”.
  6. Open this previous screen by double clicking on the screen.
  7. Select the small Edit Menu button in the center of the screen to open your menu items.
  8. Locate the menu item for the offending screen that is causing the “Could not relate User to View error”.
  9. Change the view in this menu item to a view that can be found in the user’s workflow. If no View is available for selection, then you have to open the offending screen and create a view.  
  10. If there is no menu item in step 8, then scroll through each of the controls on this screen to make sure that all applicable controls have a screen and view tied to them, such as dynamic choice lists, associations, or screen hosts.
  11. Once a valid view for this user has been selected, have the user clear the device cache and delete all records from the device.
  12.  Have the user logout of the app and log back in. They should not longer be seeing this error.
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