Stored Procedure Data Source has blank fields in each Entity

  1. Click Data Sources on your AppStudio toolbar.
  2. Select the Stored Procedure data source.
  3. Click on the Advanced Tab
  4. Check or uncheck Auto describe Output based on the below:

a) If you have checked off Auto Describe Output you are allowing the data source to attempt to automatically describe the input and outputs from the stored procedure. The plug-in then attempts to run the stored procedure with all default values to determine the output fields. Note that this method makes available the special Pyxis Flag which does not need to be mapped.

b) If you did not check off Auto Describe Output the data source uses the MDM_Stored_Procedure.xml file to explicitly define the input and outputs as well as their data type. The XML file looks at the stored procedure name and compares it against the stored procedure data source. If it finds a match between this name and an available stored procedure it overrides the mappings with the values in the XML. Note that the input field names do not have to exactly match the input names in the stored procedure. However for output the field names do have to match and are case sensitive.

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