Login failed: Inconvertible type mismatch between SourceColumn ‘Bytecode’ of byte [] and the DataColumn ‘ByteCode’ of String.


Cause: This error occurs when connecting to a newly upgraded database using AppStudio. For example this error can occur when connecting a 7.2 version of AppStudio to a 7.3 version of the Verivo Database.

Resolution:  To resolve this error, you must upgrade your version of AppStudio to version 7.3. To do this you must have administrator privileges on the machine where you install AppStudio. 

  1. Find the Verivo AppStudio zip file on the Verivo FTP: ftp://ftp.verivo.com Shared\Verivo 7.3\App Studio\AppStudioInstaller.zip.
  2. Download the file to the machine you wish to install AppStudio.
  3. Run the installer: AppStudioInstaller.msi.
  4. Follow the steps in the AppStudio installation wizard.
  5. Once installed you can now connect to your 7.3 Verivo database instance.
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