One or more fields... is no longer recognized by the data source…


Cause: The data source that this entity is pulling from has either lost connectivity with AppStudio or the fields no longer exist on the data source. This can also occur if you do not have the appropriate plug-in for this data source in the AppStudio -> plugin folder.

Resolution: To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

  1. Open AppStudio and select the Entity icon.
  2. Determine which data source this entity pulls data from.
  3. Open the Data Sources icon.
  4. Validate that the plug-in for this data source is specified in the plugin parameter.
  5. If not, add the appropriate plug-in to the AppStudio -> plugin folder by copy and pasting the plugin dll from the FTP. 
  6. If the plug-in is specified; open the entity and note the data source name displayed on the right in the Properties section.
  7. Note on the left hand section of the Entity whether all fields are red or just some fields. If all are red continue to step 8. If only some are displayed in red, outside of AppStudio validate on the data source that these fields still exist.
  8. Open the Data Source icon in AppStudio.
  9. Select the corresponding data source.
  10. Validate the parameters of this data source and ensure that they are correct.
  11. Select test connection.
  12. Once successful, select the small Save icon in the top right.
  13. Right click on the data in question in the bottom left and select “Refresh all”.
  14. Close the Data Sources section.
  15. Open the Entity icon and then double click on the Entity in question. You should no longer be seeing this error. 
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