How to tell if Overwatch is functioning properly

Data from your database needs to populate Overwatch in order to view and run reports on Verivo usage activity. Below are two easy ways to determine if Overwatch is displaying data properly.


1.  See if the sections populate in the System Overview page.

     a.  Access your Overwatch URL in a browser.

     b.  Click the Overwatch logo in the upper left of your browser to launch the System Overview.



     c.  Each section of the System Overview page should populate with charts and graphs that allow you to see detailed metrics related to your application. You may see “No data available for selected time period” as shown below.



     d.  If that happens, broaden the date range for that report and click OK.



     e.  Check your results. If data is still not populating in any of the sections where you expect it to, refer to the Overwatch troubleshooting link at the bottom of this article.


2.  See if the column headers are visible in the Activity Monitor.

     a.  Click the Activity Monitor to launch its report.


     b.  Column headers should be visible below the instruction “Drag a column header here to group by that column”. Some examples of column headers are Timestamp, User Name, and Screen - as shown below.




     c.  If you do not see any column headers listed and instead the area is blank, it means your data is not displaying properly in Overwatch.


Refer to the Verivo ResourceCenter for troubleshooting Overwatch steps:

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