Error while Saving: Schema Sync Failed

Error while Saving: Schema Sync Failed

Cause: This error occurs in a batched environment or in an environment that at one point used batched entities. When there are inconsistencies with the batched entities and the tables created for the batched entities in the Verivo Database, this error occurs.

Resolution: To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

1.If you do not have a batched environment and are not connecting to your data via the MpDBConnectorTool follow the below steps:

a)      In AppStudio click on the Tools menu.

b)     Select Options.

c)      Under Schema Generation Settings, check the box for Disable Schema Generation.

2.If you are using a batched environment you need to determine where the inconstancy lies. The easiest way to resolve this is by the following steps:

Note that you will lose staged data should you follow this process below.  If you do not want to use this method ( which deletes the staged data) your other option is to view each table in your Verivo DB and match these up with your Entity to find the inconsistency.

a)      Click the Data Entities icon on the AppStudio toolbar.

b)     Open the Entities in grid view.

c)      For each entity that runs a batched process, uncheck the box for batched.

d)     Open your Verivo Database in SQL Management Studio and drop all of the dbo.Staged tables and their corresponding base tables.

e)      Go back into AppStudio.

f)       Select the  entities icon.

g)      Select the icon to display in grid view.

h)     Mark the checkbox for batched for all Entities that were running the batched process. This recreates all of the tables in the DB and eliminate the inconstancies. 

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