Troubleshooting AppServer Errors and Issues

Ruling out Server Variables: If you determined that the issue is occurring on the server then rule out as many variables as possible:


1. IIS authentication – does changing the authentication in IIS and client resolve the issue.

- For example. If you are using Integrated Authentication in IIS and switch to Basic and you no longer see the issue then you have identified the variable causing the issue. Or try using Anonymous Access to see if the issue still occurs.

2. Does restarting IIS or the server resolve the issue.

-Many issues are resolved by restarting the server hosting the AppServer package and also restarting IIS. These are network related "hicups" and although the cause is unknown this often times will resolve http or IIS errors.

3. Are you able to resolve the IP address configured in the client file on the server.

-If you have issues with resolving an IP address or if oyu can resolve an internal but not external domain/IP this there may be a DNS related issue, or server related issue. 

4. If you are utilizing load balancers are you seeing an issue with just one AppServer and not any others.

-If you do use Load Balancers in your environment and there is an error that some users get but others do not you should check the server logs in AppStudio. If you see the error only occurs for one server (URL is printe din the logs) and not any other then you have identified the offending server.

5. Does it make a difference whether you utilize http or https(ssl).

-Although SSL Issues/Errors are outside of our software (there are no changes made to any Verivo software regardless of whether you utilize ssl or not) it might be useful to try reproducing an issue to see if you get the same results using standard http instead of https requests. If you do not see an issue with http you know there is an issue with ssl setup or an ssl certificate for a particular user/device.

6. Does replacing files from one AppServer package from another AppServer package make a difference.

-Whether it be for push, plugins, web.config or the entire contents of a Verivo directory if you have one environment that works and one that does not this is a useful test. By ruling out the files you know that it could be a permissions issue or issue with a configuration.

7. Does pointing your AppServer web.config file to a different Verivo database make a difference.

-If you change your web.config to point to a different Verivo database this might help you rule out whether the issue is with the database/configuration or AppServer. For example if the same issue is reproduced with another database on the same machine it might be an issue with the SQL server hosting the databases or appserver. If there is no issue with one database compared to another on the same SQL Server then you would know the issue is configuration related or Database - permission/property specific.

8. Does running a query from the logs manually on an external data source produce the same results. 

-In some use cases the actual query we execute is printed to the logs in AppStudio. If you run this query on your external datasource does t produce the same error. If so the issue is with your external datasource and not with the Verivo software.

9.Are you seeing the same results when using the Verivo Test Page.

-The Verivo Test Page is a great tool that will allow you to rule out variables. For more information on the Test Page and how to use it please see our using the Test Page Article on the Support Site.

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