User is getting Unable to Connect when logging into application


User Installed app but gets "unable to connect". We can login to our web site using login and other web based apps work on device. We verified that URL, AppID, Authentication Type, and Connection Type are all correct on the Options screen off of the Login screen.


If other users are able to login to the application fine then this is most likely a device or BES related issue. A good test would be the following:

1.Have him open the application on his device and off of the login screen, invoke the menu and select Options. You will see a URL you will want the user to copy and paste that URL into the device's browser and navigate to it. If it produces an error, it means that that device cannot hit your application server and therefore our client file will not be able to hit the application server.

2.Another good test would be to load up a simulator with the relevant application settings and obtain the users login and password and see if you are able to login using his login information. If you are you know it is most likely a device/BES issue.


Comment: User is getting an http 403 error when they try to access the URL from their devices browser.



Thanks for the additional information, this simply means that either the device or the permissions/settings on the BES are such that will not allow this user to hit that URL. What you will want to do is reach out to the BES Administrator and provide him with the URL and the user’s information and tell him that the user needs to be able to hit this URL successfully in order for the application to run. Once your BES administrator changes the permissions so the user is no longer getting a 403 forbidden error when trying to hit the URL in the browser the application will run as well. This is definitely a device/BES related issue and not one with our software. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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