An error has occurred downloading configuration. Please try again

Issue:  The error message, “An error has occurred downloading configuration. Please try again”, is displayed when logging into the client.

Cause:  There are many reasons this error may occur. One of them is localization conflicts due to case or trailing white space. In AppStudio it is possible to enter two locale tags that are different but the database will compare them as the same. This will prevent configuration from refreshing.

Two examples that could cause this error:
1. Enter the same tag twice with different casing such as, “Deals” and “deals”. This will only be a problem if you are using case-insensitive collation.
2. Enter the same tag twice with different trailing spaces such as, “Deals” and “Deals ”. This is described by Microsoft:

Solution:  To determine if locale tag conflicts is the cause of your error, you can run the following script:

T1.TagID, T1.Tag, T1.DefaultValue, '''' + T1.Tag + '''', '''' + T1.DefaultValue + ''''
tmpcfg_LocaleTag T1
LEFT JOIN tmpcfg_LocaleTag T2 ON
T1.Tag = T2.Tag
AND CAST(T1.Tag AS varbinary(255)) <> CAST(T2.Tag AS varbinary(255))

If it produces any results then you should resolve them. You can execute the script in SQL Server Management Studio, or some other script runner.

If you are using a case-sensitive collation such as SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS, you only need to fix trailing spaces. If you do decide to resolve case-conflicts anyway, be sure to also change the deprecated phrase everywhere it is used.

Recommendations:  If you are using localization, you should use a case sensitive collation on your Verivo database, such as: Latin1_General_CS_AS.

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