Login credentials are incorrect


Cause: This error occurs because you are supplying incorrect or invalid credentials during login.

Resolution: To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you are logging into the correct environment.

  • For Blackberry and Android:

a)       From the login screen, open the menu and select “Options”.

b)      The Options screen displays the URL, Connection Type, Authentication type, and AppID (hit x on your keyboard when scrolled over the Connection Type to expose the AppID for BlackBerry).

  • For iPad and iPhone:

a)      Exit the app and open the “Settings” icon.

b)      Scroll down to the Applications section and locate your app.

c)       Select this app by touching the icon.

d)      On your right appears the URL, Authentication type, and AppID.

2.Validate that all parameters are correct and match the environment you are trying to login to. If not, change them to your applicable environment.

3. If these are the correct parameters open AppStudio.

4. Select the small “Users” icon in the toolbar.

5. Make sure your user is in this list of users.

6. If not select “Add User” and enter the username (which is the username you are trying to login with).

7. Save in AppStudio and then relogin on the device.

8. If you are still experiencing this error, copy and paste the URL you specified in the Options or settings section into a browser.

9. This URL opens the Verivo landing page. Select the second link for the Test Page.

10. Our Test Page allows you to enter in your username or deviceID in the username field, enter your password in the password field, and select the platform you are testing login for.

11. Hit the test login button twice.

12. This emulates a login and you should see results returned at the bottom of the Test Page:


If the results are returned similar to what is displayed above (for BlackBerry) or display success (for iPhone or Android) it is likely that this is a client or proxy side issue.

If the results return an http error or another error, this error should point you in the direction of why login is failing.

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    Kanishka Dhanasekara

    Hi Scott,

    I am looking for any documentation on how to set correct device level settings for a BlackBerry Login screen. I see Authentication Types listed as None, Basic, MDS Assisted, Proprietary, Device ID & Connection Types listed as Auto Detect, BES/MDS, Consumer (BIS), Consumer (WAP2) and WIFI. Can you direct me any documentation that would help me map these settings with device and Verivo Server level settings.

    Thank You


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