Everything you needed to know about Apple Push Notifications

Attached is the iOS Local and Push Notification Programming Guide, which contains the following sections:

  • About Local Notifications and Push Notifications
  • Local and Push Notifications in Depth
  • Scheduling, Registering, and Handling Notifications
  • Apple Push Notification Service (APNS)
  • Provisioning and Development (including creating and installing the SSL Certificate and Keys)
  • Provider Communication with Apple Push Notification Service
  • Legacy Information 
Disclaimer: We are making this document available to our customers as a convenient learning resource and are not responsible for its content. Please contact Apple Inc., if you have any questions.
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    John Lafauce

    From a Verivo standpoint, you need three items for a push to happen:

    1. The regular p12 file.
    2. A push enabled provisioning profile.
    3. A push p12 file.

    We build with 1 & 2,. …. 3 is what gets hosted in our Push directory. 

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