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Often customers are interested in providing end users with a single, device agnostic URL that they can use to forward them to the appropriate App Store based on the device type.  Below are two approaches to implement this:


Approach #1: Verivo application server web.config

The web.config file on the Verivo application server contains re-direct keys for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.  The keys are as follows:


key=” DeployRedirectBBAppWorld” value=”<AppID>=<URL>”
Example:  <add key="DeployRedirectBBAppWorld" value="1015=" />


key=”DeployRedirectAndroid” value=”<AppID>=<URL>”
Example: <add key="DeployRedirectAndroid" value="1015=" />


key=”DeployRedirectiPhone” value=”<AppID>=<URL>”
Example: <add key="DeployRedirectiPhone" value="1015=;mt=8" />

The user browses to the http://<appserver>/<virtualdirectory>/deploy/ from the device and is presented with a link to the appropriate App Store.


Approach #2: Custom ASPX script

Below is a custom ASPX script that can be hosted anywhere (also attached to the article).  The user browses to the .aspx file and is redirected to the appropriate App Store.


<%@ Language=C# %><%

       String userAgent = HttpContext.Current.Request.UserAgent.ToLower();




       else if (userAgent.Contains("ipad") || userAgent.Contains("iphone") || userAgent.Contains("ipod")){



       else if (userAgent.Contains("blackberry")){




       else {



We were unable to determine your device type.  Please select:


<br/><br/>If you have an Android device: <a href="">Download the android application</a>.

<br/><br/>If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod device:  <a href="">Download the iOS application</a>.

<br/><br/>If you have a Blackberry device:  <a href="">Download the Blackberry application</a>.





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