How to utilize HTML Email

We had a requirement to send an HTML formatted email from our application.  Unfortunately, using the Email action along with the an EmailBody field containing HTML did not work -- the HTML is not parsed and shows up within the email client.

I stumbled upon a way to get this working. 


You'll need a control with an action of Click to Native Browse

Set the Target Control to a Text Box (can be bound to a source object or not)

Set the value (can be set via LUA script, default value or formulas, whatever suits your specific needs) with the following format: Subject&body=<html><body><b>Bold text!</b></body></html> 


Hope this helps!

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    Mrigendra Singh

    I tried it Subject&body=<html><body><b>Bold text!</b></body></html> 


    Everything worked fine for me except html tags sre not parsing and displaying text <html><body><b>Bold text!</b></body></html>  as it is in email body.


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