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Note:  As of Verivo version 7.4 and above, customers will use the ResourceCenter and no longer use the ftp site to obtain software and documentation.


What information is currently available on the FTP Site?

The FTP site is located at ftp://ftp.verivo.com. It is a valuable resource to obtain all of our latest documentation and software for versions prior to 7.4. If you navigate to your Shared folder when logging in, you will see the following folders.



Here you select the version that will apply to you. Once you click on the appropriate version you will have available to you all of the software and documentation that applies to this version. Our documentation includes Release notes, Developer Guides, System Requirements and more. Our most recent software can be found in each of the different components of your App Studio environment (App Server, App Studio, Database, etc.).



For your client builds, we have starting images and safe zone examples for your login screens, which are available in the Custom Skinning folder.  These images will help assist your graphic designer in making sure your images are correctly placed to avoid any images being cut off on your devices. If you look in your Client Files folder, you have the most recent generic client files for testing on Android and Blackberry (For iOS please contact support@verivo.com for generic client files).

How do I obtain my FTP site credentials? 

If you are a new customer or have simply forgotten your FTP site credentials, please contact support@verivo.com and we will assist you in obtaining your credentials.

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