Build Request Local Auth Timeout slider

In the build request form it is incredibly difficult to get a specific amount of hours for the Local Auth Timeout.  The slider doesn't slide, and when you hover it does not tell you what value you're hovering over so you pretty much have to gauge the right distance and settle for a value near the amount of hours you had in mind.

Might want to make that a bit more user friendly! :)




Edit: Actually it looks like this only happens with IE 9, it works well on Mozilla and Chrome.  Still might want to look into it, but I'll just have to remember to switch browsers for this site (I'm not using IE 9 by choice ;) )

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    @Seb Thanks for the feedback I just tested in IE 9 and noticed the same behavior. Also in Mozilla you still had to gauge the right number and made it difficult to get the exact number.

    I switched to just a text field so now you can enter in the exact amount of hours and login attempts that you want.


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