Verivo Software is excited to announce the 7.5 release for Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform!  The latest release introduces a new control - Hybrid Browser Control - for iOS and Android devices. Using the new browser control, HTML5 content can now leverage back-end data within existing web content using Verivo’s secure platform. This allows new, unprecedented control over the app using HTML5 componentry. Click here to read the 7.5 datasheet for this release containing more information on the enhancements.

Features in Verivo’s platform Release 7.5 include:

Access to Apache Cordova framework: Verivo has integrated Apache Cordova 2.2.0 (formerly known as PhoneGap) with the new browser control. App developers can now unleash Cordova JavaScript libraries to fully interact with native device capabilities such as Phonebook, Camera, Accelerometer, GPS, and more within native apps built using Verivo’s mobility platform. 

Verivo’s mobility platform APIs:  New JavaScript APIs have been introduced to enable two-way data access between the new browser control and the Verivo’s mobility platform. App developers will be able to read and write to back-end data sources using these JavaScript APIs. Events can be triggered within the HTML5 content into native apps built using Verivo’s mobility platform.

Augment Verivo’s existing mobility platform scripting with JavaScript: Verivo’s existing mobility platform scripting can now be extended with the industry standard scripting language - JavaScript. This new functionality will allow complete control over web content from native app components using Verivo’s platform.

iOS Enhancements: The 7.5 release is certified on iOS 6.1 and includes full support for the latest devices. 

Samples & Tutorials:  With this release, the Elevate Supply sample app has been upgraded and is available on ResourceCenter. Also a completely new Hybrid Browser Control sample app has been added to demonstrate the common usage scenarios for the new browser control.

Release notes, documentation and product installers are available on ResourceCenter.  For more details please e-mail us at or contact your Relationship Manager. 

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