Verivo Software is pleased to announce the availability of our 7.4 release!  The latest release allows our customers to deploy their apps to East Asian markets with our expanded language support and delivers significant enhancements to each of the supported device clients.

Features in Verivo’s 7.4 include:

East Asian language support: Verivo has extended its support for international customers and global deployments by enabling our AppServer to read and write data containing East Asian characters. For more information, see Localization.

Formatting based on user’s device settings:  Configuration of Data and Number formatting has been simplified. App developers can now choose from predefined formats within AppStudio and let the device apply the formatting based on the device's locale. For more information, see Predefined Numeric and Date Formats and Custom Numeric and Date Formatting.

Android Action Bar: Action Bar, a native UI element on Android, provides a familiar Android look and feel for users navigating within an app. The Action Bar, located at the top of the screen, conveniently displays all top-level navigation buttons, Back and Menu buttons. For more information, see Android Action Bar.

Screen Search for iOS: Screen Search, previously only available to BlackBerry and Android users, is now available on iOS.  Extension of this familiar feature to iOS makes the user experience and the app interface consistent across all platforms. This feature allows your mobile users to filter the on-screen data as they type in the Quick Find field. For more information, see Screen Search.

Samples & Tutorials:  With this release, the Elevate Supply sample app has been upgraded and is available to you on the ResourceCenter at Restore and Deploy the eleVate Configuration Database. 

The latest sample download includes:

  • Smartphone and Tablet workflows
  • REST data source for CRM data
  • Enhanced UI
7.4 Release Notes
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