How do I shut down my App in PROD?

Hello Team,

Could you please provide me some info as to how I can disable /Shut down one of the Verivo app in PROD ?

1. Delete the App in the App Studio

2. Remove the Ipa and Apk files from the deploy folder

Is there any other step that is required if the App is configured for Push notification?



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    John Lafauce

    Hi Swapna,

    Yes please do the following:

    *Delete app in AppStudio 
    1. Open AppStudio and connect to the Database server. 
    2. Find the app in question on the list and Right-click on it and select "Delete Application" 
    3. It will prompt you asking if you want to delete this application, select "Yes".

    *Remove the ipa and apk files from the deploy folder 
    1.You can simply open up your deploy folder where the apk and ipa files are hosted for this application and delete them there directly.

    *If App is configured for Push 
    1.If any other applications are utilizing Push services then you do not want to delete anything and you should keep the Push directory and service intact. 
    2. If this is the only app utilizing push services then you can delete the Push Directory entirely and also uninstall the Push Service from your Windows services.



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