Locale management for text in the client file build

How can text that appears in the application, but does not appear in the AppStudio Locale Manager, be translated (such as text included in the client file build)?

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    John Lafauce

    On behalf of Emily:

    Hi Victoria,

    Unfortunately, we have no way to translate the text that appears on the login screen and splash screen within AppStudio. Your only workaround for this would be to create an entirely separate client build that would have the text already translated and deploy that build to your subset of users within that locale. To request a new build from us you can hit the "Build Request" tab on the top of our support page. You will want to specify what needs to be changed and provide us with the translation. Screen shots or pics of what needs to be changed would be helpful if you could attach those as well. You would then re-deploy this build to your end users within this locale.



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