What settings should be used and how can I test local authentication (Offline authorization)?

The customer is currently in UAT and this is high priority. Please let me know what settings will allow user to sign in while in Airplane mode.

What do offline settings need to be set to?

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    John Lafauce


    Hi Todd,

    Please note BB does not support steps 5-7. Auth credentials expire after 1st failed login attempt.

    App Studio Set up: 
    1. Select "Local Authentication Mode = "Offline" (App Properties - Security tab) 
    2. Set "Authentication failure attempts" = 3 
    3. On your startup screen, go to screen properties -> Cache Properties -> enable Persist Cache.

    Client Set up: 
    4. Select auth type = "None" (Options screen on Client) 
    1. On the device, log in with valid user name and then log out. 
    2. Transition client out of coverage and launch the app again. 
    3. Log in with last successful username and confirm you are logged in and taken to the home screen. 
    4. Log out and log in again with the same user name. You should be logged in. 
    5. Log out and log in again but this time, use a user name you have not yet used before 
    6. Because this credential was not cached and you are still out of coverage, you should not be allowed to log in. 
    7. Change it to your previously successful user name and you should be allowed to log in again.



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