DatabaseUpgrader error - ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN UserID failed


We have the current system in 7.2.13 and have tried to run the 7.4.7 Database upgrader but we encountered the following error:

ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN UserID failed because one or more objects access this column. The statistics 'stat_tmpmon_UserUserProfile_opt1' is dependent on column 'UserID'.





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    John Lafauce

    Hello Krishna,

    The following steps should resolve your error:

    1) Run the following query directly against your Verivo database, which will remove the statistic mentioned in your error message:

    DROP STATISTICS tmpmon_UserProfile.stat_tmpmon_UserUserProfile_opt1

    2) Upgrade the database to 7.4.7 (using the Databaseupgrader.exe).

    3) Then re-add the statistic by running the following query against your upgraded database:

    CREATE STATISTICS tmpmon_UserProfile.stat_tmpmon_UserUserProfile_opt1

    It may need to be in this syntax depending on your SQL server:

    CREATE STATISTICS [stat_tmpmon_UserUserProfile_opt1] ON [dbo].[tmpmon_UserProfile]([UserID], [AppID], [LastActivityDtm])



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