How to get navigated to a specific destination screen after opening a push notification

How do I get navigated to a specific destination screen after opening a push notification?

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    John Lafauce

    Hi Dwight,

    There are two different types of destination screens that can be configured: 

    1. Static Screen – Will always navigate the user to the same screen when opening a notification.  This is accomplished with the standard push configuration in the ‘Destination’ section and this Screen/View gets sent with the push notification. For example, this could be bringing the user to the Home screen or a Notifications list screen. 
    1. Dynamic String (using the Query String) – Will bring the user to a screen specifically related to the notification they just opened. The ‘Destination’ section is configured just as before, however, the destination screen’s configuration in this case requires a Filter Field or Primary Key. Satisfying this requirement is done by using the Query String field. The query is appended to the view that is sent with the push notification, and further narrows the focus of the destination screen. Here is an example use case: 
    • A push notification for a New Activity - A user receives a notification that they have a New Activity. The Destination screen is configured to take the user to the Activity Detail screen, which has a filter field of ActivityID. As part of the subscription query, a field containing the query string (which can be obtained by the user from the backend table in SQL) needs to be sent, for example:  ActivityID=138. (138 is an example that corresponds to the value of the filter field in the backend). Upon opening the notification, they will be navigated to the Activity Detail screen that contains the additional information about the activity. 

    Just like the message, the query string can be unique per user, per notification, and navigate each user to their respective new activity.

    Btw, I logged a documentation request to provide additional details on configuring this. Please reach out to your relationship manager should you need those steps.



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