Cannot find SourceUserId for the data source

We are currently seeing an issue in the application logs, here is the error:

"Cannot find SourceUserId for the data source"

Any idea what would cause the issue? And are there any applicable fixes?

Application is for iPad and we are using

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    John Lafauce

    Hi Kishan,

    The datasource in your log error is missing the sourceuserid in the User section of AppStudio. To make sure that the data request from the mobile app is being called for this particular datasource for this user, please do the following:

    1. Open the Users section in AppStudio. 
    2. Select the user in the Overview section to the left that you are logging into the mobile app with. 
    3. Hit the DataSources tab near the bottom. 
    4. You will see a Source UserID column. This is where you will want to place the User ID for this user. See screen grab below.


    5. Save in AppStudio 
    6. Logout of the application and then log back in.



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