Custom expression using IIF statement can't reference a choicelist field value

I am trying to use a custom expression to show a string value for a Boolean entity field. That field can be 1 or 0 representing true and false.

Any time I try to reference the actual column value, the application throws an error. So this works:

IIF(true, 'Yes', 'No')

but these fail and display “#ERROR#” on the field:

IIF(WillAttend=1, 'Yes', 'No')
IIF(AttendeeRegistration.WillAttend=1, ‘Yes’, ‘No’)
IIF([WillAttend]=1, ‘Yes’, ‘No’)
IIF(#WillAttend#=1, ‘Yes’, ‘No’)

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    John Lafauce

    Hi Jordan,

    I looked into this further and have found that this is expected behavior when manipulating data with regard to custom expressions. The reason you cannot utilize a custom expression with the same field in this case is because we cannot manipulate the data in the custom expression and bring down data to this field all at once. Our server/client is attempting to pull down data (a 0 or a 1) and also trying to resolve the custom expression simultaneously. This is why two separate fields are used; one to bring down this data and one to manipulate the data within the custom expression, our server is able to handle it appropriately. 



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