Can't log in on Verivo test page

On the new platform, I am not able to get the mpTest.html page to work. I can access the test page but it doesn't do anything if I click on the Test Login button. I've tried clicking on that button tens times in a row with no activity.

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    John Lafauce

    Hi Toan,

    This problem can occur due to incorrect permissions. To remedy this, I would grant full control to Everyone for your parent folder as well as all files within the Appserver package by following the steps below:

    1) From Windows Explorer, right-click the AppServer folder and click Properties.

    2) Click the Security tab.

    3) Click the Edit button.

    4) Select all Groups or User Names and set their Full Control to 'Allow'.

    5) Click Apply then OK.

    If that does not resolve your issue, perhaps your network service account doesn't have full control permissions to the AppServer directory. Then try these steps:

    1. From Windows Explorer, right-click the AppServer folder and click Properties.
    2. From the Properties window, select Security tab and click Edit then Add...
    3. In the Object Name section, type the following: Network Service
    4. Select the Check Names button (NETWORK SERVICE should appear)
    5. Click OK
    7. Set Full control permissions to Allow
    8. Click Apply then OK

    Either of those sets of steps should resolve your error.

    Thank you,


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