Problems installing App on my iOS simulator

Following the instructions for iOS Simulator. I have the GSClient app showing in the iPhone Simulator. However, when I open the iOS "Settings" on the simulator to set the server URL and other settings for the app, the GSClientapp is not listed.

Also, I do not see the User > Library > Application Support > iPhone Simulator > (version) directory, where the app should be installed.

I am running OSX Mountain Lion on my Mac and iOS Simulator Version 6.0.

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    John Lafauce

    Hi Danny,

    If you do not see the User > Library directory on your Mac, that is because Lion hides it. To reveal it, launch a terminal and enter the following command: chflags nohidden ~/Library/

    Further explanation of this procedure is here:

    Once the Library folder becomes visible again, drag the entire unpackaged sim_(name) folder (e.g. sim_GSClient) containing the app files into the ~/library/Application Support/ iPhone Simulator /(version)/Applications folder. If you do not see an Applications folder, you need to create one. It is important to drag the whole sim_ folder into the Applications folder (and not just the .app) as it contains other folders/files needed to run properly.



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