When are push notifications scheduled? Please give time frames

Please provide "VERIVO" timeframes of when the push notifications are scheduled: For example : fifteen minutes after the hour, 30 minutes after the hour etc...

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    John Lafauce

    There is really no way to set up exact time frames as to when Push can run. Example, you cannot setup I want Push to run at 11am, 2pm and 7:32pm every day.  This is not found in either actually. The Push Polling section in AppStudio controls how often we check to see whether a new push message needs to be sent out. What actually controls the frequency of when push notifications are sent out is the Push config file that is located within the Push install (typically located somewhere on the AppServer but can be installed anywhere). Stage 1 Stage 2 and Stage 3 value settings within the Push config file will control how often stage 1 will run, then how often stage 2 will run then stage 3 (which sends out the notification to users).

    Note that these settings are like a timeframe. Stage 1 runs every x hours, stage 2 runs every y hours, stage 3 runs every z hours.

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