Navigating to a screen in another workflow

Is there a way to simply navigate to a screen within a different screen workflow in the same application?  I have different roles in the application being represented by different workflows, however role A for instance can be a superset of role B.  It would be nice to just be able to inherit the functionality of role B by just navigating to the appropriate workflow rather than re-creating role B inside of role A (if that makes sense). 




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    John Lafauce

    Hi Seb,

    The functionality of allowing easy access to screens between different workflows, as well as cloning and sharing them across those workflows, is a logged enhancement request, which can be referenced as VS-5515. It is currently being triaged and discussed between our product management and engineering teams. Please reach out to your relationship manager for status updates on that feature request. Your RM can also advocate for you and speak to product management and development on your behalf.

    In the meantime, one of our engineers has offered a workaround you can try. You can export a screen from one workflow and import to another. Just right-click the desired screen in the application explorer in AppStudio and choose ‘Export’. Importing this screen back into the application makes the screen available to all the workflows. This action creates a brand new ScreenID in the DB that is different than its previous ScreenID, as opposed to sharing the same ScreenID across workflows. This is basically like cloning the screen but not sharing as the ID is new.

    I hope that helps.



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