can not able to login to my app using GSClient


I am using BB 9800 with OS 6.0, I want to connect with my app server through GSClient,

for that I run MDS software and made the required settings in manage connections, I also put the correct URL of server that I want to connect to through GSClient. But when go to login the GSClient is asking for USER ID, I tried all the possible id but it won't work.

please help if any other creditials should be provided in this.



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    Hi Mrigendra,

    Can you verify the AppID that is configured on the BB Client is the same as the application you are trying to connect to in AppStudio. To access the AppID information on BlackBerry, go to your login screen and select Options. Press the down arrow 3x on your keyboard and then press "X" on your keyboard. You should then see the AppID.

    Another test you can run is place the same URL for your application into your simulator's browser. Verify that the URL can hit the test page and that you can login through it.



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