Navigating from list to detail (form) screen

New to the platform - and have a general question, since there doesn't seem to be a tutorial or existing topic that describes how to do this.


- Entity of [Employee] is successfully presented as a list

- Detail page for [Employee] has been established showing several fields

- The List page has a menu item on the [tap] gesture that navigates to the detail screen.


What are the exact steps that should be followed to allows an end user to select a list item and navigate to the corresponding detail page? I am receiving a 'required field missing from request' error when navigating to the detail screen.

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    Hi Steve,

    Do you have a primary key setup for your Employee Entity such as EmployeeID? You can use this primary key to drilldown on an employee record and go to their corresponding detail screen. Be sure to have the primary key field present on both the list and the detail screen.

    If you do not wish to use a primary key field, your 2nd option would be to use Filter Fields. Say for example, you have a field name FirstName that you want to pass in your request from the list to the detail screen. Assign the filter field of FirstName to your detail screen. Attached a screenshot to help show. Your next step is to create a narrow selection on your detail screen that contains the filter field you just assigned. Your narrow selection would look similar to below:

    Employee FirstName = '#FirstName#'

    The field FirstName would need to be present on both your List screen and Details screen.





    filter field.png
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