The focus does not go to the next field of the list builder as expected.


I am working on a listbuilder screen (iPad application), where there are around 6 editable text fields and 12 non-editable text fields in a single row. The user shall enter around 400 characters of data in each of text component. So the text component's height was set to 200 pt. (We tried providing height in percentage, but the UI components get overlapped. So we are providing height in points). A single row height exceeds 1200 pts. We have an average of around 50 to 60 rows in this screen.

Now when the user fills in data in one text component and presses "Next" button on the keyboard of the iPad, the focus does not move to next field. Instead the screen scrolls 4 rows down with focus on none of the fields. We ideally expected it to focus on next editable field and also that the screen should scroll up accordingly. But nothing as expected is happening.

Kindly let us know if we are missing out something or any possible work around this problem at the earliest.


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