Offline data and Sync

Hello Team,

We want to use same wsdl webservice to handle both upload and download. Ie consider a webservice method getOrSetData(usedId, rowId, deleteStatus)

We have a list screen and a delete button for each rows

If we call getOrSetData(usedId, , ) - service will return all the data

If we call getOrSetData(usedId, 54224,1 ) - service will set row with 54224 as deleted

We also require offline functionality. We set the entity to sync on login and then in specific intervals. So if the user id offline, and tries to delete a row, the status must be updated locally and in the listing and sync with server when online.

How we will handle this upload and download actions using a single method, offline and sync etc. in Verivo? Also, how we will notify the user if a delete is failed and what the service should return to represent success of  failure?



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