Database size too big. Need help reducing this size

I need your help in understanding the tables for Pyxis database. The DB size is too big to handle with millions of records in a few tables and I want to reduce them.

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    John Lafauce

    Below are some tips to manage the size of your database, which should be carried out by your DBA who should know how to perform these procedures:

    1) Truncate (delete) all records in the tmpsys_log table on the Verivo database which contains server logs and browsing history for your users.

    2) Set up a SQL Server job to truncate this table on a specified time interval so your database does not growing past size requirements.

    3) Do a database shrink. Again, you need to work with your DBA to perform Shrink action as this is something that is outside of our software. To do a shrink though, you can: SQL Shrink (right click on the database -> Tasks -> Shrink) on the database after truncating the logs. If you just truncate the logs, it will only remove some of the space but it will not remove the empty space that was taken up because it will still stay with the database.

    Also, there are many resources online to help you manage data growth on your SQL server should you need it!

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