Delete All Records in About screen exits app

On my About screen, when I tap on the option to delete all the records it exits me from the application. 

I just want it to delete all the records but don't want to exit from the app.

Please provide me the solution. 

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    John Lafauce

    The Delete All Records feature is designed to clear all the configuration information and data for an app. You really only need to use it in certain scenarios including:

    - Making changes to an app and re-loading the configuration, but the changes do not appear.

    - Clearing the app data if you need to change the login credentials and auto-login is enabled. By default, when auto-login is enabled, you are logged in automatically when the app launches and not given a chance to re-enter the credentials.

    Deleting all records automatically exits the app and this behavior is by design. When this happens, the config gets wiped out leaving the app as an empty shell until you log in to download the configuration again. That being said, there is a feature request logged to keep the user in the app after deleting all records.

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