Is there Echelon plugin scripting documentation available?

I'm working on developing some plugin scripts, and have been frustrated with the lack of documentation for what functionality is available for the custom verivo objects (plugin, request, response, etc) , or if it is there, the difficulty of finding it... :) With a lot of help, I've been able to use functions like plugin.UpdateUserTable, etc. but it interrupts development when I need to contact support every time I run into something I know is probably available but don't have the exact syntax for.

Does such a document exist, or are there at least some more in-depth examples of plugin scripting than the "Introduction to Plugin Scripting," which really only shows how to replace characters in a string and send a message to the event logger?

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    Paul Bloem

    Thanks Matt, I'll give that a shot. As I mentioned, the IronPython syntax hasn't bothered me, it's just been a problem of not knowing what functionality the Verivo specific objects have. It sounds like the SDK should help quite a bit in that regard.

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