Supress "Changes made!" dialog

Is there someway for me to suppress the "Changes made!" dialog when using a radio button field?

I would rather script this myself in the OnSave event. ( since this question does not make sense in some instances )

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    Paul Bloem

    I have the same question. I have some editable fields that I am using to set propertystore values on a button press and nothing else. How can we prevent this from popping up every time?

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    Victor Ulhagen

    IOS is the most pressing platform for my project, followed by Android.

    BB is not a concern.

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    Hi Victor,

    Could you explain a little more of your use case? Are you seeing this pop-message when you navigating to another screen and changes are made? If you just have a Save button on the screen you will not be prompted with this message. There is a way you can remove the save prompt text in the Application Properties and View Properties. However if you remove this and navigate to another screen your changes will not be Saved.


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    Victor Ulhagen

    Hi Scott!


    Here is a deeper specification of my problem.

    In my case every user belongs to a specific division inside a company.

    Each division and country have its own stream of information, which i want to present to the user.

    The user should also be able to change division and country inside the application.


    I want to solve this by having a first time setup screen, and an ordinary settings screen where the user can specify division and country.


    I decided that storing these values in the context database would probably be a good idea.

    I then proceeded to create a screen with two radio button lists. One for divisions and one for countries.


    I added a LUA script to "OnSave" that stores my values inside the context database.

    ( I chose OnSave since i can cancel that action with cancelsave, enabling me to have more control over the flow. )

    And button to navigate away from the setup screen.


    When the user leaves the first time setup screen, he is presented with the "Changes Made!" dialog.

    This does not make sense, first of all its an extra unnecessary action for the user.

    Second ( and much worse ) is that the user may press "No". Which disables the OnSave action, and in turn renders the screen useless.

    If i remove the dialog, will OnSave still be called?


    I suppose i could move my script to OnClick on the navigation button, and then disable the save prompt text ( which i must have missed when i where looking )

    This solution will sadly remove the flow control i have in OnSave, since i no longer can cancel the action.

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