Using stored values in data requests

i have a REST interface with a single input parameter.

I let the user specify which parameter to use in my settings screen, and i then store that value in the context database.

Sometime later, I want to use this parameter as input to my REST function, so i list the relevant data.

I guess that i need to get the value to register as a filter field somehow?

How should i proceed?

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    Victor Ulhagen

    Good idea, i could try that route. 

    How would i go about changing the user data from within the application?

    ( Can i just set the data to calculated macro or do i need to do something more advanced)


    I cant seem to find any resources regarding updating Verivo data entities (i am going to search some more tomorrow though, but i want to answer before i leave the office )

    It also seems like the user macros are missing from the macro definition page, but i can assume that #CompanyID# is a valid macro? ( Correct me if i am wrong )

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    Victor Ulhagen

    Where can i find the script?

    I cant see any attached files to your post?

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