First start setup?

Do you have any tips on how i could implement a first start setup screen?

This relates loosly to

What i want to do is force the user into providing the application with some basic but application critical information.

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    Victor Ulhagen

    Ok, so heres what ive done so far.

    I created a new form that acts as my startup screen.

    In this screen i add the choice fields that i want the user to fill in.

    A LUA script stores the settings to the local context database.


    This isnt without problems though:

    1. A save dialog always asks the user if he wants to save. I would like to remove this dialog since it does not make sense in this context. is this possible?

    2. Im testing on Android, and if the user presses the hardware back button he will enter the setup again. This is not optimal, can i remove the screen from the screen stack somehow?

    3. If the application is restarted the user will always enter the first time setup.

    if my understanding of the context database is correct the settings will remain between sessions, therefore it would be trivial to check if the settings exists in the onLoad event for the setup screen, but what do i do then? i cant find any lua bindings for navigation in the function reference.

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    Victor Ulhagen

    Good idea, i like the first suggestion since it seems more flexible in the long run.

    I have encountered problems though.


    My setup looks like this:

    I have two screens: Home and Setup

    I create a third screen in which i place two screen hosts which point to Home and Setup.

    I remove the titlebar for both then i make them invisible.

    I also set width and height of the screen hosts to 100%

    I then create a LUA script in OnLoad that checks if i have stored settings values and show the correct screen host.


    Technically this works, when i clear the cache and reload the application i get the setup screen, when i have settings i get the home screen.

    Visually there are some problems.

    Some controls from the hidden screen host bleed onto the visible one.

    Especially region labels seems to be a problem.


    Im still checking to see if i have made a mistake somewhere.

    Otherwise the next step is trying to remove the offending elements from my screens and replacing them with other elements.



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    Victor Ulhagen

    I will try that.

    I must have missed the "Add to Backstack" property, thanks for pointing it out :)

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