Availability and Usage of Location Macros

In the 7.3.14 Developer's Guide, the text references PYXLAT and PYXLONG in three places.  In one location , page 145, it states that these are server-side macros.  It also references the macros on page 146 where it talks of sending the variables via a Narrow Selection.

On page 234, these macros are listed as client-side macros.  On page 232, the Guide states that "In general, client-side and server-side macros can be referenced in any script. Default control values can reference only client-side macros; calculated data properties can reference only server-side macros."

I have tried unsuccessfully to send these values via a form to a REST web service.  The iPad I'm using seems to know its location.  How can I send these values to the Echelon layer?

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    Hi Anthony:


    John Lafauce in Vergivo Support identified my problem.  To send #PYXLAT# and #PYXLONG# in our situation, we had to 1) set an upload control to Data Not Mapped, 2) make the control invisible by toggling the "Visible" checkbox, 3) set the appropriate default value to the macro.  see attached screenshot.

    8-28-2012 1-22-33 PM.png
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