How to configure and process checkbox created in a list dynamically?

"As a user I want to set the Top News category preferences in Mobile and have them carry over to Desktop"

"Acceptance Criteria:

User can set Top News preferences in Blackberry and the changes take affect in Blackberry and Desktop


In thick desktop users can now select which Top News categories they want to be displayed on the left hand navigation menu. This is instead of the full expanding / collapsing list.

Blackberry should have ability to change Top News categories from configuration screen.

If I make a change to my displayed Top News categories in Eikon Blackberry, I expect this change to be automatically actioned in Desktop the next time I sign in.

Dev Team clarification: we need to create a dynamic list of check-boxes, process user clicks on them and upload states of all check-boxes. Please clarify if this is possible and how it can be implemented?

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