Is there a way to do a search where a comma is not treated as an "or" condition but is instead treated as part of the string?

When I type "Wells Fargo, Advisors" in my find field and click search my inquire service is called twice, once with the criteria "Wells Fargo" and again with "Advisors".  What I would like is for there to be one service call with the criteria "Wells Fargo, Advisors".



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    Hi Derek,

    I  know in SQL if you were to search for "Wells Fargo, Advisors" you would see in the AppStudio logs an entry similar to this: '('Wells Fargo','Advisors ')' .

    This does not mean that there are two separate parameters being called. The AppStudio logs actually uses this format to show that this is one parameter using the parenthesis instead of two separate parameters.  If you were to actually search in your backend using this parameter in SQL: '('Wells Fargo','Advisors ')'   you would see an incorrect syntax error. The SQL plugin does not actually use the parenthesis it is just formatted this way in the logs.




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    Derek Morrocco

    We use .net Web Services for our backend and we are using the wsdl plugin. 




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