Removing user permissions to an app through a SP

Just wanted to double-check, but it looks like all that needs to be done to programatically remove a user from an application they are associated with is to run something like

delete from tmpcfg_UserAppReltn where AppID = (TargetAppID) and UserID = (TargetUserID) 

Would removing the entry from UserAppReltn be enough to remove a user's permission to a particular app?  Or is there more to it that I should be concerned about?




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    Just out of curiosity, can you elaborate on the issues when trying to reestablish them as users?  I know it's not recommended to directly interact with the verivo database, but we're trying to automate assigning users to apps so if we push x apps out to x users with our MDM or BES we don't have to go into app studio and invidividually find and manually assign each user to each app.

    We already have a SP that adds users and pulls the app,user,platform, and workflow information to make the relation.  I haven't noticed any issues, and from what I can tell the UserAppReltn table has no dependencies, was the concern more related to future releases?




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