Upload Status Screen Navigation Questions


Please find screen shot attached to understand the usecase.

Screen 1 lists the various forms which were not synced with the server.
Screen 2 is like a pop over with three options retry upload, delete upload and cancel.

1) I want to navigate from screen 1 to screen 2 upon tap of any of the rows listed in the list shown on screen 1.
2) Upon tapping retry upload, particular record should be synced with server again.
3) Upon tapping delete upload, particular record should be deleted.
4) Upon tapping cancel, screen 2 should dismiss without performing any action.

Is there any way to perform above mentioned four operations in pyxis?


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    Hi Anuj,

    Whenever you click on a record in your Upload Status screen for the Failed or Pending view tabs, you will have the option to Retry or Delete your upload as shown in your Screen 2 picture. You do not currently have the menu option for Cancel but you if you tap away from the popup the desired behavior is the same. The configuration for the Upload Status screen is mentioned on page 133-134 on the 7.3.14 Dev Guide.



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