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I want to create an image slider in one of the application I am developing. The images are retrieved as an array from a web service and I want to display only one image at a time and a pager below in which I can click and navigate to the next one. (or click in the image to show next image) . Please view the attached image for the functionality I want to achieve. Please help


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    Hi Kiran,

    Have you looked at our Image Carousel feature for App Studio? This is mentioned in our 7.3.14 Dev Guide on page 68 at the following URL:

    This feature allows you to scroll through all of your images and you can navigate to a details form screen for each image that is selected. Another option you can do is just use a form screen and have your image with two buttons below that have an action of Next and Previous. This will allow you to cycle through your images one button click at a time.



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    Kiran Chandra

    Hi Scot

    Thanks for the reply. I will look into the Image Carousel features.

    Also I found out that I can achieve this feature by using list screen and set the display mode to Horizontal.




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