QR Code Scan directly to a form screen

In my scenario I'm trying to scan a QR code for data (in this instance an asset #), and then immediately go to a screen that uses the data from the scanned code as a narrow selection on a form screen to get all the data for that asset.

This works, I can scan the code and then navigate to a form screen and get details. But it makes no sense from a UI standpoint to scan the code, then hit a button to see the results of the scan... You can apparently target only add screens with the Scan menu option, however add screens don't allow narrow selections so I'm stuck having to navigate and pass the values to another screen. I tried having a screen host within the add screen to take care of that problem, but it will not pass the values to the screen host.

Is there a way to accomplish this that I'm just not thinking of, or do I just have to keep the unecessary navigation step?




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    Hi Seb,

    Unfortunately this is a limitation with our QR Code feature to navigate directly to the form screen. My other suggestion instead of using the add screen, would be to have the QR code scan button navigate to a find screen with the asset# prefilled from the scan as one of the fields you will be searching on. Once the user executes the search on a list screen, as long as the results return 1 record you can then auto drilldown directly to the Details screen.


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