Auto-redirect to an End Site/Mobile Friendly Site

Is it possible to access the application like this: From the device, click the App Icon that loads a mobile friendly site (auto adjust layouts by the screen resolution, etc.) so that we do not need to build a layout for each platform (BB, iPhone, iPad, Android)?

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    Hi Riah,

    You have three options when attempting to view an external website using App Studio.

    1. Use the browser control on a form screen and in the calculation set the URL you wish to browse to. This will open up the web site within the screen and you can set the width and height of the browser field.

    2. Drag a textbox control into the form screen set the click action to browse. This will open up the website in a separate screen within the platform.

    3. Drag a textbox control into the form screen and set the click action to native browse. This will use your native browser to view the web site.


    This is mentioned on page 71 and 76 of the 7.3.14 Dev Guide which can be found here:



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    Also in your case, if you wish to drag an image control onto your form screen you can set the click to browse or native browse action for this image as well on your form screen.

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    Riah Lao

    Hi Scott,

    Not sure if we are on the same page though.. This is what our client asked me:

    Is it possible for the Verivo mobile app to act as how other websites loads in a mobile device. For example, you load from your mobile device, it autodetects and loads the site as the mobile friendly version (something like or instead of the main site.  From the device, when the user clicks the application icon (built from verivo) it will load a 'browser' that is contained in the app and load the mobile friendly site inside that browser.

    With this, they think that it will lessen development time since only 1 screen layout needs to be built for different platforms (iOS, android, BB) because it will just act as a browser and the user can zoom in/out. I know that it is possible to contain/display a browser inside a screen/view in Verivo. But with that approach, the content of that mobile friendly site will not be developed inside Verivo AppStudio right?? It will like I just need to build 1 screen with a browser that loads that mobile site URL which does not make sense...

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