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Is it possible that on a button click I can navigate to a web page or send a request to server so that I can update the DB


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    Sirisha Katragadda

    Hi Emily,

    I have tried the second case in the above mentiond scenario. But here two requests are sent to the server because of which we are getting error in resoponce.

    Process followed::

    Every list record is having a button with name 'Delete'. In action i gave the targetscreen(say screen2) to this delete button.screen2 is action only screen with the fields to go in request. an added save menu with the target screen. When i chked this on the simulator im getting internal server error and from server logs i came to that two delete requests are sent to the server.First request is deleting the record.Second request is trying to delete the record which is already deleted by first request so im getting error responce for the second request.

    Not able to figure out why two requests are going to server on single click of Delete Button.

    Can u please suggest how to resolve. Your reply will help a lot.


    thanks in advance,

    Sirisha K

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    I can add the txt field and the button as instructed but when I run it in the iOS simulator the web browser is not launching. Any ideas?

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